Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The main goal of Premier Pediatrics is to provide our patients with outstanding medical care. Although our patients range from newborn to twenty one years of age, we consider the well-being of the entire family. Medical care consists not only of diagnostics and treatment , but advising,and supportive care through empathy and listening.Our goal is to offer uncompromising medical care to meet the preventive, acute and chronic medical and emotional needs of our patients.Our goal is to ensure that area children enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives. Premier Pediatrics will engage all levels of medical technology to ensure the best medical outcome of our patients. We strive to maintain the highest quality physicians by board certification and maintaining continuous medical education.

Our employees’ goals are the betterment of our patient lives through patient care and responsiveness to their medical situation. Our employees are the foundation of our organization. Premier Pediatrics will conduct its business operations with the highest level of ethical and professional behavior. Our goal is to be a supportive business leader in our community to enhance the greater good of our patients’ lives and the quality of life for all members of our community. Premier Pediatrics recognizes the need to recruit, develop, motivate, reward and retain personnel of exceptional ability, character, and dedication. Premier Pediatrics believes that the positive development of our children is the most important mission. We believe parents have a responsibility to comply with their physician’s recommended medical protocols.

Our organization is committed to the health of our children both medically and spirituality. The physicians, nurses, and staff of Premier Pediatrics are committed to making a difference in the life of a child.

It all comes down to one statement: We make a difference in the life of a child.

Premier Pediatrics is proud to be a Patient-Centered Medical Home, also known as PCMH.

Although this type of care now has a label, Premier Pediatrics has been delivering Patient Centered Medical Care since we opened our doors.

PCMH is a method of providing healthcare in a team-based approach to providing care in an organized manner to ensure the patient and family receive the care they need when they need it. It's all about removing any obstacles to getting "gold standard " medical care for your child.

Our Responsibilites to You:

  • By listening to your concerns and questions, we will make the management and treatment plan easily understood.
  • We coordinate the complexities of specialist referals by making sure your child gets an appointment if necessary and then following upon the services received.
  • We will provide you with urgent sick -care appointments on the same day.
  • We will provide access to our providers via a patient portal availlable on our website. Established patients have access to providers after hours.
  • We will provide our patients with diagnosis specific education so they can be a full partner in managing their child's healthcare.
  • To remind the family of a pending appointment, we will contact the family 48 hours prior to their appointment by calling the phone number the family provides.

Patient Responsibilties:

  • The family will call our office first with health care concerns or questions unless it is an emergency. See our site for definition of an emergency.Our patients are urged to bring all discharge papers from Urgent Care or the Emergency Department to their next practice appointment.
  • Our patients are expected to provide an update of changes in medical status at each appointment.
  • Our patients' families are encouraged to provide a current phone number and email address in order to improve communication.
  • Our patients and their families are encouraged to ask questions and take an active role in the healthcare process.
  • Our patients and their families are encouraged to take the medications as prescribed by the medical provider and to provide information about any medications being taken including over the counter medications and supplements.
  • Our patients are asked to keep all appointments including those with our practice and with specialty clinics.

Please Provide Feedback!

After every appointment, a patient survey will be sent to the email provided. Feedback will be gathered in order to improve the patient care experience at Premier Pediatrics. Of course we want to hear positive feedback, but with growth and improvement there is always a little pain. You are encouraged to let us know how we can delivier the ultimate healthcare experience.

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